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Houses For Sale Frankston South Videos Part 3
  (updating my little video collection)
house plans pic1 REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT:
Ideas for Home Builders, info on Walls, Fireplaces and Fence designs.

HOUSE PLANS ... all started in 1997
Seeking information on "free house plans" I could find very few house design services online.

Earlier on, I had taught his kids to play piano; My builder friend Mike was into Sandstone and doing amazing work on some pretty fancy houses. I published details about his unique Sandstone application & news of a Free House Plans offer
But that was some time ago. Like just about any Free house plan, it was of limited value to serious home builders. When Mike retired it left me reluctant to close the web site, simply because you can still obtain something of value here at

House Plans & Custom Designs for Home Builders

"House Plans" was a respectable web category back then;
And home builders worldwide responded well to the publicity.
Suddenly, entrepreneurs & marketers pounced on the "opportunity" -
and thousands jumped on our little "house plans" bandwagon.

So today online, it's House Plans everywhere ...
and page after web page of links & ad boxes.

At HOUSE-PLANS.NET however you will find selected, genuine merchants who provide home builders with direct access to Home Plans, House Designs, Decorating, Furnishing & other useful Ideas.

Advice is still free - so do please visit the House Plans sponsors below because that's where you find guaranteed solutions and professional service from specialists.

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For house plans, exteriors, Deck Plans too, the web sites featured on this page provide access to vital information.

With thousands of architectural designs for house plans available from so many prominent architects and designers, you can confidently buy your house plan on-line.

Individual concepts include some spectacular and unique designs for country homes, beach houses, cottages & garages.

From a most impressive collection, you may care to examine the House plans by Donald A. Gardner Architects?

If you're looking for custom designed plans from the world's top design people, then among the advertisers here you'll find the finest collection of house plans available today. With their focus on customer satisfaction, at least one of the sites who feature on this page will help make your dreams reality;

For more insights into home plans and useful building ideas, do compare the products and services promoted on this information page.
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Your House plans.   Had exciting news for Aussie Home Builders, some graphic examples of Sandstone products which you could inspect at their display home.
Sadly they ceased trading.
The FREE HOME PLAN * is no longer available nor can you visit that Sandstone house project.
For the Dream Home, commercial or industrial application however
"Sandstone was certainly the answer."

Should you have Sandstone cladding skills therefore, I would be very interested to hear from you!

For information on Sandstone feature walls, fireplaces, fences, spectacular Australian homes, any commercial or industrial project, call me or contact aapts making your subject "Sandstone House Plan". (Better to phone however - the "mailbox" is checked rather infrequently these days.)

Real Estate Video1 : House For Sale Frankston
How about THESE plans?
OCTOBER 2013 - Wanted to share with you something personal...
It's at FRANKSTON - Melbourne's gateway to Australia's famed Mornington Peninsula:
where our elderly parent's family home of past 50 years is now on the market, and should arouse some interest.
Why so ? Well it's a large piece of Elevated Land in sought after FRANKSTON SOUTH. Typically the 1960's brick residence, well appointed and substantially extended around 20 years ago - a 2 storey addition creating some enjoyable views.

Can't see the dwelling being retained however ...
For this site nestles among other similarly large plots which property developers are now adapting to communal living.
Professional feasibility study likewise suggests a SEVEN Town House/Villa development here ( see video and material below).

Neighbourhood developer interest prompted Mother to agree to place the property "on the market".
And with a parent needing regular health monitoring and care, the ideal now is to reposition her within walking distance for us.
Effectively we're all Ready to GO; And "flexible" regarding negotiation, settlement terms, etc on her existing property.
A FAIR PRICE is sought - we're not driven by any need to "make a killing" here!

So YOU might be a home buyer, property investor or real estate speculator? Perhaps you recognise a genuine opportunity when it's offered?
With agents enthusing at "$799,000 plus", suffice to say that similar sites remaining in this zone are indeed rare.

I made Real Estate Video1 : House For Sale Frankston "the movie" just for fun
Seen the video? Want to get in early? Want further details? Call me NOW
0418 369 568 Col

Click here to get {sitename}





Reminder*: Free House Plan comprised photocopy of the floor plan of a renovated house
with Sandstone special features. In use then as a Display Home it's now closed.
Regretably, unless another supplier is located, you'll unlikely receive any response from the above email link.

Updated 15th MARCH 2014

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